The Road to Financial  Freedom

Investment plan- low risk high reward

In this plan we propose to accumulate altcoins  at low prices in the next period (2022-2023) to benefit from exponential growth in the next bullrun (2024-2025).
We will mainly allocate a relatively small amount for this plan ( USD 2000 in total).
We will buy altcoins according to a scoring system that takes into account location, momentum, price structure and past values of each coin.
We will allocate a maximum of 2%(divided into two or more purchase levels ) of the capital to each altcoin.
In the first part of the plan, 2022-2023, We will use the Little Old Lady risk management strategy to accumulate free coins, this involves buying at low prices (when no one is interested) and selling 1/2 at double price (SHOD) and repeating the process, for the entire duration of the bear market.

In the second part of the plan we will change the approach as follows:

After the big weekly Ws are formed, we will sell a percentage of the altcoins held(probably 10%) at each chaos level (4.669-8.77-16.88) and I will sell the rest of the coins when the Pi cycle Top indicator will give a top signal. Basically we will sell all altcoins owned when the PiCycle Top indicator will issue a top signal and the investment plan will be finished.



  • this is a medium-term investment plan (2 to 5 years time horizon) so it clearly requires patience and perseverance;
  • it is a plan that tries to use low risk (small initial investment) and high reward;
  • it is a plan designed by several traders on Crypto Traders Arena to maximize profit by investing in altcoins… and the decision to use this plan is entirely yours NFA&DYOR;
  • no one guarantees us that this plan will be a success, it is just our way of investing in altcoins and managing our risk;

This spreadsheet will be used to log, manage the altcoins and will be updated periodically.


You are responsible for what you buy, sell, or hold, no one else. Any information on this server/channel is, for legal reasons, not financial, legal or life advice in any way shape or form. I am not a financial adviser and my content should not be interpreted as such. I post trades that I take, and my own opinions about the market. It is your decision and responsibility what trades you take and what you do with your money